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Lullaby Of Sorrow

Cool breeze in the morning,autumn leaves in the night
A wound caused by a heartache unhealing inside
Im a man on my own who oversees all the fading light
For true love so hard I tried to set it right
Looking outside the window as the time passes me by
A tormented mind to know the reason why
I need a new way if I want a new meaning for my life
Fighting to keep my hopes alive

So I sing a lullaby of sorrow because I miss you so
But I know its not over for me and you
Cause someday well meet again

So I sing a lullaby of sorrow with tears in my eyes
But I know true love must be tried twice
Someday well try again

In my dream I sail through the crimson skies with you
Endeavouring to set the dream to become true
But Im trapped inside a illusion where I cant be free
Getting tired of all the sadness within me
I know for sure that its still a long,long way to go
Sooner or later Ill find the truth,I know
I need a way if I want to find the light in my life
Trying to keep my hopes alive
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