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Love Is A Torment

In the shadow of the night I stand alone
My heart bleeds again and again
Knowing for sure that I was so wrong
Hoping now to heal the pain
Here I am,so insecure about tomorrow
Looking at the stars in the sky
It´s not easy to forget the sorrow
Easy to see why

Love is a torment,so much I sacrificed
My heart cries deep inside
I´m crying so loud

Love is a torment,hurting in my heart
Calling for a new start
Day in day out

Staring now at the shadows on the wall
Waiting for the loneliness to end
Knowing that I´m the biggest fool of all
But trying so hard to understand
Here I am,blue and lonely without you
You broke my heart,broke it twice
And now I don´t know what can I do
Tired of the lies
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