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Stay Forever

Close your tender eyes tonight and take my hand
Feel the passion coming over you
But if you break the heart of your best friend
You´ll end up alone and blue
If my heart cries for you,it needs a new try
Don´t leave me like a broken toy
And don´t leave me here under the lonely sky
Cause I´m a lonely boy

But I´ll stay forever if you promise me your love
If you promise me your heart tonight
Stay forever and I´ll promise you the stars above
If you let me hold you tight

I´ll stay forever if you promise me a new chance
If you promise me to stay with me
Stay forever and I´ll show you a truest romance
If you stay for eternity

Sometimes it´s easier to understand the feeling
Through the pain,through the tears
But if you fool me again,then I´m not dreaming
I know you wasted years
You´re a fool if you thinking of saying goodbye
Here with me is where you belong
Understand that it´s better for us if we try
For the love of our own
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