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Walking along the shore,just you and me
In your lovely eyes I see
A burning fire
Maybe I can be the man you look for
You´re the girl I adore
One desire
In a bed of roses a burning flame
My heart you want to tame

I can be Casanova for you,the love of my life
You´ll be the woman behind me
I can be Casanova,I´ll keep our love alive
Love will set us free

I´ll be your Casanova,making love to you
When the lights are low
I´ll be your Casanova,my heart is true
Something you know

I told you once and then I told you twice
Under the evening skies
I love you so
The fire in your eyes that I can´t ignore
More than ever before
Can´t let you go
Just tonight comes the sweet surrender
Come on love me tender
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