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True Romance

I don´t care at all if loving you is wrong or right
I just wanna be your man day and night
Let´s stay together
Lower the lights and let all the emotions run wild
Here we are where we stay for a while
Hold me forever
Just tonight we will find our reality
A place for you and me

It´s a true romance,you´re always in my heart
As love is true,you won´t break apart
It´s a true romance here on cloud number nine
As love is true,we can shine

It´s a true romance here with me
Love is true,you can see
It´s a true romance all the time
Running in our minds

Call me and I´ll be there for you in the night
I´ll caress you until the morning light
Our love is like a rose
You can see it clear that I can´t let you go
Cause it´s true that I love you so
On and on story goes
And now we show that love is no shame
And love is no game
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