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Is This Love

Spending my time alone in the night,waiting for your call
Staring all the time at a shadow on the wall
In times like these I´m in,I can´t make it on my own
Wasted days and sleepless nights I´m alone
I think I can´t bear the heartache and pain anymore
Feeling the hurt more and more

Is this love that I feel breaking up my heart
Is this love that tears me all apart
Why did you go

Is this love when I´m alone here without you
Is this love when my heart is blue
I miss you so

Spending my time looking at the stars shining so bright
Without you,baby blue,I find no sleep at nights
But twenty years from now I miss you more each day
But our true love belongs for now to yesterday
Wide awake to realize the meaning just like before
My heart is like a closed door
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