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Just Live Your Dream

If you know for sure what is love all about
You know where you can find me
I´m more than a lover and I say it out loud
Better believe in a destiny
Now I found a reason to surrender my heart
Surrender my heart to you
And we can make it true if we try to start
See what love can do

Just live your dream,a dream is closing in
Be mine tonight and you will see
Just live your dream,this love´s not a sin
Then love will set you free

Just live your dream that becomes so true
Live it up and don´t waste your time
Just live your dream in this world of blue
Live it up and let it shine

If you know for sure what I´m talking about
Tell me if you wanna play the game
I´m just a fool for you,I´d say it out loud
Love me just the way I am
Now let´s talk about love,here and forever
Let´s talk about it twice
But don´t fence me in if we stay together
Halfway to paradise
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