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Tryin to poem in english!

I like you, you like me,
you like colors, i like more,
more love, more food,
food is life, eat me!

I love poem, you love me,
you will always love me,
forever and ever,
never say bad things to me.

Lots of love, love of my love,
marry me, bite me, kiss me,
oh really, say love and i bite you,
you will love me forever!

we will be together, you me happiness,
lots of silly things, water, milk, eh whatever,
you never love me, you just play with me,
i really hate me, i want feel the pain,
pain that i write here poems.

Relly you understand me,
you will understand me,
you say you love me,
you say i want hug you but then ...

god help me really,
cold water please,
i need lot's of water,
i'm big flower!

together are happiness to me,
sunglasses are made for look great,
let's be whatever people!
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