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I Gave All My Love To You

If there's a chance that just we two can make it so right
Then I think that it´s better if we try
But I´m fooled by a feeling until the end of the night
Soon I´ll know the reason why
You could see we are just heartbeat away from paradise
Say that you´ll always be mine
Don't tell me lies that love is not the sweetest sacrifice
Let everything turn out fine
But if you don't want my love at all,just tell me
I won´t be there anymore then you´ll see
And I think by now,my love
I think I had enough

I gave all my love to you
My love for you so true
I gave all my love to you
What love couldn´t do

I gave all my love to you
Now I´m alone and blue
I gave all my love to you
Now my heart´s in two

I saw that you caused me heartache when we said goodbye
Just like a bittersweet symphony of love
I think that we almost had it all under the lover´s sky
But my heart was not big enough
But I still think,girl that we could be so good together
So I beg you please just come back to stay
And I know strong love like ours could last forever
There´s a will,there must be a way
I´m all alone now in this blue world night and day
So many things I want you to hear me say
But I think by now,my love
Tears are not enough
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