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Win The Race

There are times when the olny one is a lonely number
The one who fights in the sound of thunder
He´ll be the hero who wins in the end in the night
And he´s like a crying wolf at midnight
And like a hero he´ll fight to set his dream free
Right to the end you´ll see

He can win the race,we´re ready for the victory
He´s the hero for you and me
He can win the race,many minutes to know
We´ll love the show

And we´ll be ready for the victory
Win the game for you and me
He is the biggest star

Just maybe he´ll be going through all the motions
But he tries to fight with a deep devotion
Just for him there´s no mountain high enough
But he won´t ever play it so tough
In the night of his life signs of his destiny
One minute passed eternity
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