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Why Did You Do That

I find no sleep as the night is still young
My heart is blue but I want some fun
You´re away tonight and I feel bittersweet
Feeling so blue I can hardly speak
Just come back and stay,the love of my life
Without you how will I survive
I just cannot breathe without your love
Words are not enough

But tell me why did you do that
Why did you break my heart
Tell me now why did you do that
Why did you tear it apart

If you just love me,girl
I´ll smile,I´ll try
But if you leave me,girl
I´ll cry,I´ll die

Just tonight I pass by the old East avenue
Remembering your eyes were so blue
It´s late at night as I´m at an old cafe
Thinking about how you came my way
But I just cannot tell you a thousand lies
Why don´t you stay in this paradise
A new night is young,I want back your heart
And let us try a new start
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