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Why Did You Let Me Go

More and more you´re in my world
But I´m not your man
Tell me will you be now my girl
Will you understand
Everytime when I see you crying
I´ll always be there
If your tender love is dying
I´ll take care
I told you I´m gonna miss you so
But will you love me
I think you see my love is true
Don´t set me free
This time my heart will be broken
I´m just a lonely man
My dreams are left and unspoken
Nothing but pain

Tell me why did you let me go
Why did you leave me
But tell me now it´s not so
Promise me eternity

One heart in a mystery
One soul in a misery
One heart in the pain
One soul blue again

Maybe I´m just too old to dream
I´ll take the last train
And you know what it all means
Leaving the town again
This love was a sweet sacrifice
But you won´t confess
That night had a thousand eyes
My heart was a mess
I told you once,I told you twice
I don´t want this pain
But you torn down my paradise
There must be an end
Will you ever change your mind
And give us another try
You´ll break the heart of mine
For no reason why
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