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Run To Me

Day in day out night in night out I´m waiting for your call
Day in day out night in night out I´m staring at the wall
Every evening the night falls and falls
I´m so lonely,so lonely
Everytime I look at all the times we had,the more I will see
But take me back into your life and don´t set me free
Will you be there for me when I call
You´re my one and olny

You will run to me when you need me to kiss away the pain
Your dreams will come true if you´ll be mine again

You will run to me everytime you feel the pain deep inside
Promise you my love if you´ll stay by my side

Day in day out night in night out you were part of my world
Day in day out night in night out I´m missing you so,girl
And you´re truely the love of my life
Without you I´m so lonely
But tell me did it ever cross your mind how much it hurts me
And are you just too blind to see or you just let it be
But we can keep our love alive
If you stay with me
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