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Body Heat

You got the eyes of an angel,eyes so blue like the skies
And your smile like the diamond of the nights
You look just like an angel in that flickering light
And your eyes gleaming in the night
You can smile then you drive me wild
And youre my fantasy
Your eyes can see whats within me
Its ecstasy

Feel that body heat,feel the fire of love rising
And for me its not so suprising
When youre with me

Feel that body heat,feel my lovebeat
Baby,I can drive you mad
If you stay with me

You got a smile of an angel,you set my heart on fire
A true devotion will show youre my one desire
And youre a pretty woman with angel blue eyes
Im lost in those eyes,visions of paradise
One night is not enough for our new love
Youll take me high
The night closes in,so play my strings
You and I
tunded, armastus
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