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Sentimental Lady

Maybe I´m just a dreamer deep in my heart,it´s ABC of love to me
Take me back into your heart tonight,don´t say maybe
Cause I think tonight is the night and you will keep this love alive
Take me into your arms again and hold me so tight
I´ll promise you everything if stay with me this night on
Then love will survive in this world of stone
Forever and ever

You´re my sentimental lady,don´t tell me it´s time to say goodbye
You´re my sentimental lady,don´t leave me here to die

I don´t know what makes me love you so
But love is the olny thing I really know
I don´t know what makes me love you so
But love will survive,girl I know

Just like an angel you will smile again,I will save my love for you
Cause tonight is the night,I want your love,it´s true
And in the heat of the night there´ll be a reason to start and try
Don´t want you to tell me it´s time to say goodbye
Just spend the night of love with me then you will see
Then you will see truely what you mean to me
Forever and ever
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