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Secrets Of The Heart

Can´t hide the fact that this love was just a feeling
When you were telling me these lies
But I thought that maybe this love had a meaning
You were fooling me,olny alibies
You took me just for granted,you told me lies
Trust me then I find our paradise

But secrets of the heart will teach me to be strong
And it will teach me how to hold on
Secrets of the heart will reveal to me the truth
And it will tell me what I can do

But what can I do about it
What can I do about it
I´m still in love with you

Don´t tell me a story that it was love at first sight
By now it´s clear to see it´s not true
But I thought that love was a sacrifice that night
But you painted my world in blue
Tell me about it all,tell it to me like a friend
Then we can start it all over again
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