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When Your Heart Is Missing A Beat

Don´t leave me,don´t let this goodbye end our romance
Stay with me forever and be my guiding light
Don´t leave me here,don´t tell me it´s our last dance
You promised me you´ll stay by my side
Don´t try,don´t try to fool me,your biggest friend
If you do then don´t cry your heart to me
But it´s nothing you can mend when love will end
Don´t lose your sensuality

But when your heart is missing a beat
Then your tears are like the ocean
When your heart is lonely and weak
Then your tears run in motion

Can´t you see that it´s true you´re the one and olny
But you´re leaving it all behind
Can´t you see this moon was made for the lonely
And you were so hard to find

Don´t leave me here,don´t tell me it´s all over now
Believe me someday we´ll fall in love again
Don´t leave me now,maybe I´ll be so lonely too
Can´t live without you,it´s the same
Don´t hide,don´t hide what you feel about me
Maybe then this love will last forever
And the end of our love what shouldn´t be
Tell me we can stay together
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