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I Am So Much In Love

Tonight I will be so sad if you break my heart now again
It starts all over now and I´ll be crying in the rain
But I won´t let it get me down
Girl,someday you will come back to me and stay with me
But it´s easier said than done for us,can´t you see
And I´m not your clown

I am so much in love but the pain in my heart will grow
I am so much in love but my heartaches won´t go

I am so much in love but we are running in the night
I am so much in love,hold back the tears and fight

Tossing and turning in the night,can´t stand it no more
But my hope for love is still alive,more than before
You can keep a good man down
Did I tell you before that there will never be another you
But nothing but breaking up is what you will do
Sound of breaking heart around
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