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I sit and watch TV all night,
there's nothing more to do.

Oh yeah: i think about You.

I need You everyday, all day.
From sunrise till sundown. .. .

just to think about You.

I drink some beer and when
I'm drunk enough, well then

I think about You. .. .

There are many shades of You
in my bathroom mirror.
Many shades of deep sad blue.
Many memories of You.

I've had many dreams of You.
I've slept really well, swell.
It seemed You were an angel
and I was in hell.

Now I'm here.
Alone in the dark.
Blinded by myself.

Now is here,
You are here.
I'm ashamed for saying these words..
Out loud.

I'm ashamed
for feeling these
stupid feelings.

I'm swept.

I'm still thinking of You

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