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How Deep Is Your Love

Here I am standing all alone now by the window,facing the Autumn sun on that cold October´s day
Just think of me and I will be there for you and there is a way we can find and I know
But I´m lying in this bed of loneliness at this very moment and the pain of love won´t fade away
With all of my heart broken bleeding in my hand and the pain in my heart hurts me so
When I thought we almost had it all but both of us hid the hearts beyond the pride and all the lies
Concealed my devotion for you and you were leaving me here sobbing in a world of stone
I was hoping you wouldn´t deny a thing about our tear painted love,can you give us one more try
Hoping that someday we will be together in a harmony of love,two hearts beating as one

Tell me now how deep is your love,is it something in your tender eyes I can see
Tell me now and forever you will love me,is it deeper than the blue blue sea
Can this be love,is it love,is it too good to be true

Tell me now how deep is your love,is it stronger than devotion in your eyes I see
Tell me now and forever you want me back when there´s love for you and me
Can this be love,is it love,is it too good to be true

Girl,believe me when I say I just can´t wait to hold you tenderly in my arms again as years go by
A thousand times I tried to call you,cause I can´t chase away the loneliness inside
Who knew what happened to our love we almost had,waited for you while I watched the skies
Blue moon was made for the lonely,tears in my lonely eyes in the middle of the night
But my heart still knows that you´re my fate,but I wonder what you did and why you lied to me
Three years from the last time we were together and you were lighting up my day
I wasted days and I wasted nights,but it ended with nothing,but still you won´t set my heart free
Though I gave you all the years and yet you did mind what other people say
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