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Could I Have Your Love Forever

I drank the last coffee in that old,old night cafe first time when I saw you by the bar
Then you were dancing with a stranger,back then I thought it was so bizarre
With a feeling of a heartbeat what they call love then the warm sun was going down
And I went back home,but I felt like the loneliest heartbroken man in this town
I couldn´t get you off my mind,cause you smiled like I never saw a woman smile
You gave me your diamond smile and my heart was running wild

Could I have your love forever and I wanna hear your loving heartbeat next to mine
Could I have your love forever and I wanna heal your heartaches all the time
Could I have your love forever,I will love you forever my love,forever and a day
My world is in your hands,call me and I will be there to stay

Could I have your love forever cause I feel you are the love of my life
Could I have your love forever cause without you how will I survive

Then one night I saw you smiling to me in the pale moonlight in that lonely avenue
It started in heaven against the world,I took the stars out of the sky for you
How can I find a way to tell you what you mean to me,but I know what love can do
Life is just too short,maybe it´s better if I save my love with visions of blue
But not a day goes by when I´m not thinking of you and your pretty angel smile
And it´s true I can´t forget your pretty face,it makes my heart run wild
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