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How Many Times We Will Say Goodbye

I had another coffee in the morning light,listening to the sound of a stormy rain
Then I thought about you and about a love story that it is all over again
This time I found out you made a fool of me just every day and every night
Then I walk alone in the cold rain and I cannot stand the pain inside
Hundred or thousand times I tried to call you,but always you weren´t there
There´s still love in my heart for you,but it seems you don´t care

How many times we will say goodbye when you say:It´s time to go
How many times we will say goodbye,olny the time will show
How many times we will say goodbye when my heart has no home
But I don´t believe in fairytales and my chance won´t come

The wheels are turning,my heart is burning
Burning for you tonight
Tossing and turning,I´m still yearning
Yearning for you this night

Some nights ago love was just a lonesome river,love was like a burning violin
I´m sleeping now with memories of you,come back and let´s heal the pain
Last night I watched at the stars up in the sky but you weren´t here with me
Sometimes your eyes told me a story,in your eyes I saw olny memories
I can´t believe how you blew my mind and I knew it was just a matter of time
But there was no answer for our love,I just couldn´t find
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