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Girl Out Of My Dreams

I just can´t hide the saddest feeling cause much too long blues got me down
Sometimes it seems I can make it on my own,it drags my heart around
But you don´t know that I miss you so,you´re not the girl out of my dreams
Sometimes I ask myself where did we go wrong and was our love a sacrifice
I know you´re still a mystery to me,but we were halfway to paradise
But you´re still a fire in my heart and you´re not the girl out of my dreams
My love is getting stronger every day,but you´re not here with me
Come back and stay with me,come stay a while for an eternity

Tonight call me and I will be there for you,I will always tell you my love is true
Tonight call me and I will be there,I will take the stars out of the sky for you

Tonight I will tell you twice that you mean the whole world to me
Tonight then I will be certain that our love was meant to be

It all started in heaven in this wonderful world but then you changed your mind
What a rainy day it was when you went away,there must be a way we can find
And I always found the answer in your eyes,you´re not the girl out of my dreams
I cried some sad tears then I looked into your eyes when came the last goodbye
And I still miss you so much,girl,I want to be with you where white doves fly
As the years go by,I need you more and more,you´re not the girl out of my dreams
I wish that you could be here with me,it´s a journey to your heart
And every day and night our love is like a brandnew start
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