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How Am I Supposed To Live Without You

Yesterday sitting by my bed,I remembered the very first time I ever cried
But I buried the pain inside although you were dragging my heart around
Guess it was all meant to be,for love cause you were leaving me mystified
Years ran down the boulevard,just another night the blues got me down
Love didn´t even take some time to realize and cause of it I´m losing it all
And I walk down the same road again where my passion turns to pain
At times I push my sad feeling aside,feeling numb,still waiting for your call
And how to win your love then I must play your loving fool´s game

How am I supposed to live without you and how am I supposed to go on
All I want to do is to hold you and spend the rest of my life by your side
How am I supposed to live without you and how the wind will fly me home
How can I explain to you when you hide your heart beyond your pride

I give you my heart,my love and heaven too,girl,you know it´s true
On the wings of love I wanna fly with you till the night fades away
I give you my heart,my love and heaven too,I see an angel in you
All I want to do is holding and loving you forever and a day

Watching as the sun came up,you were breaking my heart in sad emotion
And I´d never caught up again and I told myself this love was so bizarre
But your love is just like a missing link in my life when tears ran in devotion
And no one is just like you,I loved the way you smile,but you´re so far
Years may come and tears may go,love is always a drama,can´t you see
Some thousand lightyears you´re away,here I am,listening to the rain
You gave my life a brandnew start,but as you left,just a heartache for me
But as I´m pushing the saddest feeling aside,live between joy and pain
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