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How You Mend A Broken Heart

Life can put distance between us cause you are so far away
Days or even years go by,feeling blue forever and a day
But the love that lied between us,had a way of dragging on
Will love still be here when our two hearts will beat as one
I dry the tears of my wounded heart and it´s so clear to see
All the hurt left cause you weren´t there for me

Tell me how you mend a broken heart in this heartbreak town
How you mend a broken heart when your love falls down
Cause I don´t wanna be a heart survivor

Tell me how you mend a broken heart when you tell some lies
How you mend a broken heart when you got child in your eyes
Cause I wanna save this flame of love like fire

Deep down I knew we had no future,but you will be in my dreams
But memories kept lingering on when this love was like a violin
And some thousand miles away I found my reality painted in blue
I will find the love of my life even it takes forever to find you
But how could I find happiness with you when you tear it up
And all the hurt left and tears are not enough
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