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All What I Need Is You

I met you at the school and I saw your mystified eyes
And I fell in love with you,maybe you told me lies
But help me on a feeling and it´s a thing they call love
You were made for me,but love was not enough
But back then you were sweet sixteen
And every day with you felt like a dream

All what I need is you,and you´re love of my life
All what I need is you,will this love survive
Every night,every day,every hour,every minute

All what I need is you,we´ll be more than two
All what I need is you,I love you it´s true
Every night,every day,every hour,every minute

Now I remember when I saw you in that pale moonlight
Thousand times I saw you smile,I oversaw the twilight
But I don´t know if maybe someday we´ll be together
I need one good reason why love can´t last forever
You were sweet sixteen,I marry you one day
You´re still a dream,stole my heart away
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