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I remember that day when all with the world was right
Everything seemed so very, very bright
As we travelled for hours along that winding road
Stopping here and there for photos to upload

The autumn colours as beautiful as a sunset
It was that very day our spirits finally met
In a place finally free from dark subdued light
Suddenly, we were finally shining so bright

A little overwhelming, I had said it could be
You needed to breath, take a break from me
And now you understand those dizzy thoughts
The ones you created with the love you brought

The love I hold finally to be shared
With my friend for whom my love has been bared
This love not to be hidden, but now open for all to see
My heart freely given, please take all of me

Your heart too my love you gave for me to hold
and it's safe, deep within my hearts stronghold
Forever to be cherished and nourished
For what a day it will be to see that heart flourish

Keep that smile upon your face my love
and those sparkling eyes keep them looking above
For those shooting stars that I'll send tonight
Will keep our love pure and shining throughout the dark night
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