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Õige sõber

On lihtne eksida
ja öelda hiljem: "Sorry!"
Sest õige sõber iialgi,
su hingesoppides ei sori.
On lihtne valetadaja öelda hiljem: "Nuu-nuu!"
Sest õige sõber iialgi,
tõtt ilmavalgele ei too.
On lihtne elada
kui kõrval õige sõber,
kes kõiki sinu vigu teab
ja iial sind ei nea.
sõprus, sorry, tõde, sõber
Lisas: Merry @ 2009-02-13 Hinne: 4.67

im sorry

I twine sunbeam in my day
but somaeday we all must pay
the raindrops hide in my eyes
plase forgive me ,and i forgive your lies

We wos much than you believe
now its the end i know-
i really feel hurt,when you left
but i never forget you ,oh no!

When comes daybrake i just cry
because everything likes so wrong
i ask myself only why?
but mabe we wos to young.

i`;m so lonely,when i lost my hope
i just cover my face with my hands
My friends didnt like that,they
wants that i cope ,but no-one
cant helps me ,no-one understand.
Lisas: mailis7 @ 2007-08-04 Hinne: 4.67

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