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I do it for me

I do it for me

You can't collect anything.
Everything goes away,
I do it for nothing.
Is that the right way?
My money goes away,
my friends go away,
my done work goes away.
But I still work hard,
nobody refunds what I do.
I think it's my plan.
No money isn't a taboo.
And I do it for me.
All is for me to see.
Never catch them, they flee.
I must understand,
once again: I do it for me.
You know others don't care,
I don't give them another pair
of socks to wash, cash
don't stay for long,
I just use it for live.
I work for me,
I'm not an employee.
Hell, this is for sure.
I combine it to a lure.
I still need a cure
to know all about this,
can't being afraid of the risks.
Huh-hee, Yea-yea.
This is the care!

By Jurpik

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I'm stuck and lost

I'm lurkin around
with no purpose in my mind.
I have no friends,
life's stoppin on the grind.
I'm stuck and lost,
no faintest inspiration.
And I cannot see
the true liberation.
No shit, I'll just wait
and relax just seein what
I'm bringin to myself.
Yes, there's no burden weight.

By Jurpik
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Lisas: Jurpik35 @ 2010-05-11 Hinne: 4.67

If I face my fear

If I face my fuckin fear,
I could reach to my best appeal.
Just relax my fuckin head
and remember what I said:
Fears cannot kill,
I eat'em, they make me ill.
Then my breath is locked
and my thinkin is stopped.
I face, I'm full of it.
Full of my fear.
Then I take a pause,
don't care about others laws
and return when I feel,
to do the thing I fear.

By Jurpik
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