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Ballad Of Motherless Child

You cried once and you cried twice in that lonely boulevard,I saw a sea of sad tears in your eyes that night
Just the time was over for her,she had to go away,I know the bitter feeling you´re feeling inside
She will always be your guardian angel for sure,she will be watching over you when you sleep in your bed
And till the end of your life she´s always on your mind,but forever and for always you´re feeling sad
The memory of her warm embrace you will keep in the back of your mind,you´re missing her night and day
And you´ll always remember she smiled to you for the last time,memories of her will never fade away

You will never feel the same way again cause she´s not here with you,yes I know
She is in heaven now,watching over you,but it was the time for her to go

Tears won´t wash away your heartache and pain,maybe I know that´s no lie
But I know for sure you will see her in the reflections of paradise

Call me and I will be there for your lonely heart cause you will need a friend when you are feeling alone
Then you saw a shadow creeping off the wall and you´re crying till the lonely night is gone
Day in day out you´re missing her but you can tell me if there is something I can do,I do it just for you
Every evening you light a candle in the window for her but I see you´re still with visions of blue
I tell you I will never hurt you,try to think about the colours of the rainbow when you feel the sorrow
More than a year ago she passed away and you live your life between love and tomorrow
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