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I Live For Your Love
Why can´t we be nighttime lovers,why can´t we be daytime friends
Our love is just like a burning flame
And if you really love me so then you will stay with me tonight
Cause tonight love is just on our side
Baby blue,you´re the love of my life
Without you how will I survive

I live for your love and your love will set me free
I live for your love and just let me be
Need your love to feel

Can´t you see I live for your love
My heart don´t get enough
Can´t you see I live for your love
My heart needs this stuff

Our two hearts will beat as one as the time passes us by so slow
Love is truely here with us and we know
But words just can´t express what my love really can do
Tell you night and day that I love you
Baby blue,you´re the love of my life
Without you how will I survive
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jänese talv
Tuli tali, tulid tuisud
jänes ostis, uued uisud
sõitis päeva, sõitis kaks
vaatas peeglist, ikka paks
hea jõululuuletus
Lisas: salaaaaa
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Juba lugematul arvul,
päkapikke kikivarvul,
liigub maal ja liigub linnas,
ise pisike kui kinnas.
Päkapikk ei söö, ei maga -
piilub iga akna taga.
Päkapikk on tore mees,
kõnnib paksu lume sees.
Hbe kohev, habe lai,
tahaks teha talle pai.
Natukene mõtlesin juurde
Lisas: Casandra

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Wings Of Silver Dove
Bit by bit of your lonely heart fell into my hands when it was too late to say goodbye
Then your tender eyes were clinging in the light of a new day under the lover´s sky
And all the crystal blue colours of love filled the air and you´re always on my mind
We were like ice and fire by the daylight,I painted all your clouds with sunshine
And you´re still the one for me,I will promise you I will catch you when you fall
But don´t play your heartbreak game with me,I´m waiting for your call
To hear you say:I love you forever,forever my love

Don´t kill my love on the wings of silver dove,you want it back someday
Don´t hurt my heart in the lonely night,love is such an easy game to play

I´m still in love with you cause my broken feelings are tossing and turning
I´m still in love with you,can´t you see for you my heart is burning
Cause I´m still so in love with you

We were daytime friends,but not nighttime lovers,but I gave all of my heart to you
Watching you all the time through my eyes of love when we were more than two
Maybe if you´re back in my arms,just here by my side is a place where you belong
Can´t set your heart free cause sometimes without you I can´t make it on my own
And my love for you is still alive,but it was you who turned off the loving flame
Nothing but a heartache what you caused me,but I don´t seem to understand
Why you never said:I love you forever,forever my love
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