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That´s Why They Call It Blues

Girl,I believe that one day our love will turn out fine
If you could see that there´ll be a way we can find
Why are you breaking my heart
And I had a dream once,that you´re my everything
Our hearts unite when we sail on the silvery wings
But why are you breaking my heart
I´d give all my love for free,why didn´t you see
My tears are full of memories
My love

That´s why they call it blues,cause breaking up is hard to do
But you know that I´m too proud to cry
That´s why they call it blues,when you break my heart in two
Oh that´s no way to say goodbye

That´s why they call it blues,the saddest emotion
That´s why they call it blues,not a sign of devotion

When we are on the wings of love,come fly with me
Girl,I will tell you twice to take me as your souvenir
But why are you breaking my heart
This time,girl,I lock my heart and throw away the key
Breaking my heart yet again,I hate your lies,you see
But still you´re breaking my heart
Once I sold my heart to you,now sitting here and feeling blue
I´d have given you my love and heaven too
My love
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