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Et samm oleks julge!

Et samm oleks julge ja tee sirgelt kulgeks,
et võidud kõik tuleks ja kaotusi poleks!
sünnipäev, palju õnne, julgus, võit
Lisas: ragged @ 2019-09-23 Hinne: -

Win The Race

There are times when the olny one is a lonely number
The one who fights in the sound of thunder
He´ll be the hero who wins in the end in the night
And he´s like a crying wolf at midnight
And like a hero he´ll fight to set his dream free
Right to the end you´ll see

He can win the race,we´re ready for the victory
He´s the hero for you and me
He can win the race,many minutes to know
We´ll love the show

And we´ll be ready for the victory
Win the game for you and me
He is the biggest star

Just maybe he´ll be going through all the motions
But he tries to fight with a deep devotion
Just for him there´s no mountain high enough
But he won´t ever play it so tough
In the night of his life signs of his destiny
One minute passed eternity
Lisas: modernT @ 2014-12-05 Hinne: -

Born To Be A Winner

Don´t give up this dream when the others do
You won´t fall and you won´t feel blue
I tell you the truth don´t ever lose the game
Then you won´t ever fall again
You are the man between the two fires
But winning is in your desire

You´re born to be a winner
You´re born to be a winner
In this world of fire
You´re born to be a winner
You´re born to be a winner
It takes you higher

You´re born to be a winner
You´re born to be a winner
Don´t ever give it up
You´re born to be a winner
You´re born to be a winner
You will start

All the time you are going through the motions
You run into a shadow of your devotions
Maybe your fame of victory won´t last forever
But you live like it´s now or never
This time your hopes are just high enough
And you play it tough
Lisas: modernT @ 2014-07-01 Hinne: 1

Õnne on Vaja

Kuld sulle kaela, Nagu randade liiva
Vähemaks vaeva, Mis eesmärke riivab
Suuremat jõudu, Et surfaksid lainel
Lahtiseid lõugu, Mis rahuldaks naise

Tugevat tahet, Et krabaksid kõik
Õrnemat rahet, Et lahing on võit
Soovin sul rikkust, Autot ja maja
Paremat õnne, Sest õnne on vaja

Kõik, võit, liiva, naise
Lisas: IceCold @ 2014-05-02 Hinne: 4

Oska olla õnnelik

Oska naerda, oska nutta,
oska võita, oska kaotada.
Aga peamine - oska olla õnnelik!
sünnipäev, õnn, naer, nutt, võit
Lisas: ragged @ 2008-09-21 Hinne: 4.5


Elus on reeglid,
on kaotus, on võit.
Kaotaja kaotab
ja võitja saab kõik
elu, reeglid, kaotus, võit, võitja, kaotaja
Lisas: ragged @ 2008-04-08 Hinne: -

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